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Beach Empanadas

There’s nothing better than wading into the chilly waters off of Pacific Beach after a late night with friends –especially if it is followed by a breakfast of warm empanadas.   Thankfully Simon Baer, the owner of Papa Luna’s Empanadas (1404 Garnet Avenue, San Diego), is open weekends until 2:00 in the morning.

Although it’s a hefty walk from the beach, his shop has Breakfast Empanadas that were a spicy concoction of chorizo, eggs and cheese.  With a side of roasted potatoes, these bad boys can stop the shivering and clear the seaweed from your ears.

But breakfast is just the beginning.  Simon’s menu is filled with a plethora of Argentine empanadas, many with a Western twist.

“Usually,” Simon told us, “the empanadas in Argentina are folded a certain way to indicate its contents.  But here, we just stamp them in the corner.  It makes it easier.”  Simon studied and worked in Argentina since 2007 and found the popular street food missing from the beach scene.  He set out to correct this a few months ago.

His menu that includes Espinaca Con Queso (baby spinach, Roursin cheese with onions and garlic), BBQ Pulled Pork and Slaw, Empanada De Choclo (sweet corn, Cojita cheese and roasted peppers) and other delights.  These little pies are heated piping hot and served with a variety of sauces (eg, chimichurri or sriracha cream) for dipping.  Top it off with a Banana and Nutella empanada with chocolate dipping sauce and you’re ready for another swim.


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