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Black Friday On-The-Fly

Even before I could figure out Thanksgiving, a cadre of shopping enthusiasts were upon me, urging me to their annual Day On the Town event this coming Black Friday. Hordes of sites and stores will be reducing prices in an attempt to boot themselves out of a dismal couple of years.  This cadre was organized to hit all major sales at the stroke of midnight.

Although I can empathize with the brick-and-mortar stores, it is the web sites that are going to be swapped and will end up flooding ground delivery with packages of gifts, bargains, impulse buys and got-to-have’s.  In full disclosure, I’m not shopaholic. I’ve longed to be one, but my endurance remains in the sickly range.  I can handle an hour, maybe, but a full day was outside of my major muscle groups.  My legs would not carry me; my mind would turn to soap; and my eyes would fail to see the fire sales in blurred collage of mark-down’s.  Yet, there is something very enticing in hanging with this motley crew for a full day on Friday.

For one, I thoroughly enjoy the experience of lines.  There will be plenty of them.  And this in itself can be invigorating.  Contrary to what many people think, lines are not boring.  They have become a new social meeting ground.  Instead of the bar scene, I stick to lines when scouting for new friends.  Conversations are unforced.  You don’t have to buy anyone any drinks.  You can compare things in your shopping basket.   You can talk about movies and books nonchalantly without any getting the wiser.

Also, you can easily involve your device in all conversations.  If you don’t want to talk with anyone, then use your device for a diversionary tactic.  Or, multitask and stay connected with friends in other lines and other stores.

In fact, Simultaneous Black Friday Shopping is tradecraft for shoping at other on-line stores while you are shopping at the brick-and-mortal ones.  Why even venture out in the packed parking lots?  Why waste time trying to find parking anywhere remotely close to the main stores?

Because of the thrill of Group Shop.  Yes, group shopping is a chick thing, but you’ll find that in every shopping mall with racks of women’s fashions, there are electronic and game stores.   You can find lines to stand in and chat up tons of zany interesting folks.

Of course, you have to pick your group correctly.  And you’ve got to build up your endurance.  But a day hanging with your friends, gabbing up a storm and eating at all the fast food stops can be energizing. You just have to be in the right frame of mind.

Don’t wait until Cyber Monday.  Online stores are going full blast on Friday too!

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