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Where did Demi go wrong?

Demi had been whisked away in a frenzy and few were left at the party afterward to talk.  Many just scattered to wine bars in the nearby to await word.   As Demi’s condition was being evaluated at Sherman Oaks hospital, many felt that it was the February Slump.

“You know,” a person close to Demi’s entourage reported, “you come off of this New Year’s high where you think you can accomplish anything.  But by the end of January you lose your focus, forget about hour health. She just crashed.”

Demi had been losing weight, trying her best to “be young” in her words, only to collapse after smoking some unidentified substance with a few unidentified friends.  Where did she go wrong?

She is a mobo at heart, frequently texting ex-hubbie Ashton and even her other ex, Bruce.  But simply put, she was not getting primed for the year.  It requires more than just setting goals and trying to lose weight.  It means focusing and increasing the one thing that Demi lost:  her energy.

More in February’s issue of Going Mobo.   For a free copy, just send me an email with this code in the subject line GM3DX.

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