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Everything's To-Go

The first step in assembling a mobo meal is to figure out what you want.  Unlike eating at a restaurant, you are not limited by a single menu or a single ethnic cuisine.  You can build your own “fusion” meal.  All it takes is a little imagination and a hearty appetite.

Keep in mind that many restaurants put a lot of care into their environments.  They coordinate the colors, place unique furniture and place tables in such a way to give you some privacy.  Some but not all.  In fact, many restaurants don’t give their dining areas any thought at all.  That doesn’t mean their food isn’t good.  It just means that you can find a better spot to eat.  And why not?  As long as you have a bit of time, why not build a meal and eat where you want to. 


You have a hankering for a cross-cultural meal, or one where there is less noise and more scenery.  But all that is avaiable is the standard fare and noisy cafeteria-style mess halls.  What can you do?  And can you turn this situation to your advantage, maybe even invite a date?


Order your lunch or dinner items to-go and set up at a favorite spot.  And sure, bring that date!


The key to an enjoyable, fusion meal is creativity and your device.  Since you are mobile, you are not bound by the rules that govern most of the sedentary masses.   Instead, locate unique spots, order to-go and eat your meal somewhere interesting.

  1. Pick a general theme for your lunch or dinner.  For example, “One-handed Food,” or “Unique Intestinal Fare.”  If the category spills over different restaurants, consider how many stops you want to make.  Make it your theme fairly general.
  2. Using your device, find out what’s within range.  Search using keywords from your theme.
  3. If you are ordering from work or home, try to extend your range or try different places.  Remember:  if you keep eating at the same place, you will be bored over time.
  4. Before you leave (say, 30 minutes before or so), order your first set of items from the first restaurant.
  5. Line up a date spontaneously.  (See Text Fishing and Spontaneous Dating for some hints.)
  6. On the way to the next restaurant, order your second set of items.  Of course, it is more convenient to have  your restaurants close by.  But this simply depends on your timeframe.  Most mobos can continue to text while they walk.  Or, if you are driving talk while they drive (abide by the Mobo Safety Tips).
  7. Snack while you are en route to the next spot.  But remember to leave the key items unpacked so you can spread them out once you arrive at your destination.
  8. At your final destination, find a comfortable chair or/and table, preferably with a view and spread your meal before you.
  9. Enjoy your date!  Or, if you find yourself without a date and want to connect, just get on the phone to link up with friends.
  10. If you are set up in a public place where people are generally not having a meal, for example, a park bench, offer some of your snacks to others around you.  Don’t make enemies or you may not be allowed back.
  11. Remember to tip at each restaurant.  Your servers are at the bottom of the food chain, so to speak.  Show your appreciation.  They’ll remember you.
  12. If you are at a coffee shop, or other location with items purchased elsewhere, buy your drink and again tip the staff!

When ordering from restaurants, allow enough time especially during peak hours for your items to be prepared. Restaurants will pack up most any item on their menu to-go.

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