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Flat Food

Inspired by Douglas Coupland’s microserfs, flat food is becoming a popular and transportable nosh that is finding its into laptop totes. In Coupland’s novel, a coder at Microsoft is stuck in his office finishing his software to meet a deadline.  He refuses to come out and his friends slip flat food under the door.   This Flatlander diet takes hold and the coder adopts the name “Kraft Single.”  He eats only flat food.

It’s become a bit of a hyper-local fad, catching on in coffee houses where table space is limited and pastries are too expensive for daily consumption.

A number of variations are prized on the mobo scene, including focaccia, flattened calzones, brownies, pizza wedges, quesadillas, and flatbreads of all types.  The trick is to find a meal that you can slip into the vertical compartments of your totes.  For example, the standard burrito will cause severe budges when placed next to your laptop and can even burst in extreme situations.  However, slip a focaccia into your bag and presto:  you have a great snack or lunch with very little real estate consumed in your bag.  As an added benefit, flat food offers your laptop extra padding to help buffer any shock.

Stuffed focaccias are ideal, since they can package the ingredients inside the bread and have less of a chance for leaking.  The key always is to wrap your flat food before slipping it into your bag.

Some mobos report that they are able to place their flat meals under their laptops and keep them warm!  This is a novel idea and can help melt cheese for those laptops that run hotter than normal.

Brownies are also excellent when ordered in half-sheets.  The half-sheet can fill the vertical space of a typical 15” laptop punch without any potential problems.

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