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Food Trucks

There is nothing more dear to my heart these days than food trucks.  They have broken through the stigma of being exclusively for construction workers and of specializing in day-old sandwiches.  These days you will find food trucks catering to the white collar worker.  The lure of these vans have drawn me away from my work, and waiting in line for a duck taco.  That’s right.  Their cuisine can be definitely upscale.

The key with food vans is finding them.   Most vans will post their location online or tweet their location.  So, a mobile device is critical.


You want something different, and a food truck must be just the thing.  But how do you locate trucks in your general vicinity?


Use Google maps to find trucks near you.  Or, follow the tweets of your favorite trucks.  Also, keep a list of your favorite trucks and follow them on-line.  Each truck has a different way they broadcast their location.  Half the fun is finding them.


If you are like me, I’m short on planning and long on spontaneity.  For food vans, you can usually find something close by, depending on your municipality.  For example, LA seems to be the hub on the west coast for these trucks.  When I’m there, which is not frequent, I eat most of my breakfasts and lunches from trucks. You’d be very surprised at how far truck food has come.  Avoid the trucks with pre-made sandwiches or pastries wrapped in plastic.

But how do you find them?

  1. Most food vans post their general locations on their web sites.  So, google the vans in your neighborhood first.  Get a list and visit these sites.  Keep book marks.
  2. Better yet, follow them on twitter.  This is easy enough.  Just monitor the tweets around meal time, find the vans and see what their serving.
  3. At the trucks, try sampling their specialties.  I usually find that I eat standing up.  But you can also ask for it to-go and find a place to sit and enjoy.

Food trucks must adhere to local health regulations, so I’m not too concerned.  However, I’ve also had tamales out of the back of a pickup without any adverse effects.

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