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Foodie On the Run

If there is a central reason to be a mobo, it is the food.  Yes there are great spots close to where you live, but the journey into unknown neighborhoods, the discovery of unique fare, odd combinations, and feisty cooks elevates the simple act of eating to the realm of treks to the Artic poles.  Yes, these discoveries do not get quite the same headlines, but you feel the same sense of venturing into the unknown to find hidden treasures.  Success means a delicious bounty.

Eat when you are hungry

The average mobo is constantly on the move–connecting with friends over the far reaches of space and time, constantly firing off messages, linking in, uploading, downloading, sideloading and nurtuing his simulated pets.  So, it should be no surprise that they are perpetually hungry.  An on-the-go life style with such contant activity creates shifting and unpredictable cravings.    Mobos eat at all times of the day or night, with handerings for meals completely out of synch.  For example, having a short stack with salsa at dinner, or asking for pozole at breakfast is commonplace.  Finding a restaurant that can accomodate the unexpected is not always as easy.  But more and more,   establishments are catering the mobile crowd, with all-day menus, free WiFi, early-morning or late-evening specials, and special ethnic food combos.  With this shift, the traditional breakfast-lunch-dinner modality is being blurred.  What is so important about these times:  9 am, 12 noon and 6 pm anyway? If the foods at each type of meal change, so too do the times.
The mobo approach to meals is a direct reflection of early Zen thought.  When asked how does one practice Zen, Master Po-ching replied:
Eat when you are hungry.  Sleep when you are tired.
Your experienced mobo is all over that!

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