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Galaxy Nexus In Stores

Samsung Galaxy Nexus in Verizon Stores

The Verizon version of the Nexus comes complete with a 4G LTE chip for quick web access, perfect for viewing movies over the web.  The 4G chip takes its toll on battery life, but this version is equipped with a good deal of power at 1850 mAh, enough for a full day at moderate use.  The battery can be optimized for use with Android 4.  There is also some rumors that an extended battery might be made available, similar to the one in South Korea (2000 mAh).

In addition, it comes equipped with Near-Field Communication, a hardware component that will gain popularity for its ability to act like your wallet.  Just wave the phone in front of a credit card swipe machine and presto, you’ve paid using your favorite credit card.  Also use NFC to swap business cards with a gentle bump.

Then, there is Android 4, Google’s improved user experience that marries the world of the tablet with that of the smart phone.  This new version ups the ante for iOS devices (such as the iPhone and iPad).  See more about Android 4 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich here.)

The packaging of the Nexus, with its slightly-curved glass screen and thin profile, is well-conceived and fits the hand easily.  Smaller than the Samsung Note, it is ideal for most mobos.  The screen is one of the largest at 4.65” in one of the best screen resolutions available (720p).  This is one of the brightest and colorful screens on the market.

The Galaxy Nexus boasts a 5 megapixel camera optimized for low-light exposures with no lag in shutter. Although you can find higher resolutions (8 megapixels are available on the Motorola RAZR for example).  But the picture quality is excellent and the low-light capabilities makes it an all-around camera.  This same camera can shoot high-quality 1080p video with continuous auto-focus.So, as you move your camera, the video does not blur.  With a 1.3 megapixel front camera for live web conferences.

All of which comes in a 5.33 X 2.67 X 0.37″ body for the 4G LTE version.



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