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Getting Rolled

I make no secret that I am a big fan of flat food.  Anything I can stuff in my messenger bag with my laptop, I’ll eat.  I mean, food-wise.  But last week, I watching an old episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate (circa 2010), I saw Ted Allen dig into this great looking rolled dish.

On closer inspection, it was a Chicken Stuffed Cabbage Roll.  Wow.  It looked great on the tube and Ted couldn’t stop swooning over the chicken crisps that were sprinkled on the top.  The scene switched from the dish to the kitchen where the creation was invented. A bearded chef described the steps.  This turned out to be Tyler Kord.  I stopped doing what I was doing and listened.  What impressed me about this rolled dish was that every part of the chicken was included in the dish.

I never made any rolled dishes before.  I mean, except for burritos, which don’t count.

In full disclosure I once manned a diner grill to work off some rent.  This was back in my Tucson days on 4th Avenue.  But that’s the extent of my cooking expertise.  Needless to say, I like to try new things.  And this was definitely new.

But I could not find any more information on the exact recipe.  Food Network had very little, and there was only a link pointing to the original restaurant (No 7 Sub in Brooklyn).  But no chicken rolls on the menu.  However, the chef was there:  Tyler Kord.  And I found him with a quick google and tweeted him:

  • @No7Sub Trying to find the recipe for 2010 episode “Best Thing I Ever 8” for chicken wrapped in cabbage. Thought is was Tyler’s creation?

Tyler tweeted back.  He had the recipe and would find it for me.  A day later, with the help of Katherine Pangaro, presto.  I had the recipe in hand and jumped into my very first experience of making rolled food.  It was eye-opening.

First off, I don’t know how to break apart a chicken, so I had to go to my local meat counter and have them do this part.  I put together a home-made chicken broth.  This made a big difference.  Then, I made a mixture that was spread on the cabbage.  The chicken wedges were laid on top and the whole thing rolled up.  Just like a burrito.  So, this part I got.  I refrigerated the rolls for a bit and pop them into the oven, steeped in their own broth.  An hour later:  Chicken Stuffed Cabbage.

It really is a wonderful dish.  Ask Tyler Kord for the recipe!

I’m seeing rolled food in a completely new light.

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