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Have Mobile, Will Travel

Ken and Laura were just like me in many ways.  For one thing they loved to travel at the drop of a hat, yet hated planning for trips.  Although some places in high season required reservations, they’d found that most of the time you can find seats on planes, and land rooms in private homes even then.

The key, in their minds, is to be flexible.  Not bend-at-the-waist flexible, but twist-yourself-into-a-pretzel flexible.  After all, if you can have all of the conveniences of home, why go anywhere?  You might as well book yourself into a resort and be pampered.   Or, for that matter, just stay home!

Theirs is a different style of traveling.  It is vagabonding.  And with a decisive advantage:  they make use of their mobile devices to do research, store books and information and find places on the fly.  Ken and Laura enjoyed reaching out to the culture of the country they were in.  This meant eating, drinking and living like the locals.  It was immersing oneself into the country, its language and customs and experiencing their way of life as much as possible.

One day they were sipping an espresso with friends, and the next they were off to Milan for dinner at one of their favorite pizza places on a side street.  Ken and Laura subscribed to the notion that discovery was more important than checking off a list of famous sites.

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