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Increase Your Wattage

For me, raw energy (or the lack of it) is one of the biggest obstacles in making progress on my reboot.  Really even before I could do anything else I needed some sort of clean, positive energy surging through my veins or something that would approximate that.

I think back of the times when I veered from the straight-and-narrow.   I was making such good progress, then PLOP!  There I was next to the tracks, the train steaming ahead toward my goals and aspirations, and I was derailed, staring at the flowers between the ties.  If you examine these times, you’ll find that you were a bit enervated, not at full strength like Caffé Americana with a too much water.

To even begin the process and keep my momentum, I need to implement an energy policy, much like our attempts on the national level.  That is, I needed to increase energy production and also implement an energy conservation program.

Why?  Why not cruise along at my suboptimal RPM?


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