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Into the pond

My jump in the pond is featured in this week’s Nomad Editions Real Eats.

It was a another great time with some mobo foodies (including Xin, Josh, and Wen).  Imagine leaving the country without leaving the country.  This time to provincial China where the spices are raging hot and the food is an endless affair.

I’d been to hot pots around the city.  With hot pots, like Japanese sukiyaki, you had a boiling pot of broth and dishes of raw meats.  The hot pots came in different flavors including spicy cumin.  But there were very few dry pots that I’d had.

We talked about it earlier that week, but hadn’t really decided on the day and time until the same day.  We’d texted back and forth, tried to arrange the transportation and the times.  It all came together after work and we assembled in West Los Angeles.  On the docket was very modest café, one that few of my other friends had even heard of.  Soon everyone was piled into the car and we were off.

I did have some moments but you’ll see them in the article.  I’d recommend this cafe for anyone interested in authentic Szechuan cuisine.  Email me with any other suggestions!

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