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James Franco: Mobo

With the release of a book of short stories, a controversial exhibition of his artwork, simultaneous advanced degree programs in progress and his rumored role in the upcoming film The  Iceman, you’d think that James Franco would have little time for life’s little pleasures.   All during his role as host he tweeted, using the #oscarsrealtime tag. Here was a consummate mobo.  It was so comforting to see him stay connected, with friends, business associates. There was a love interest in the text messages that rolled across his screen, but what about his break-out role on Freaks and Geeks, and  his cameo spot on 30 Rock as part of an ménage à troi with Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) and a Japanese anime pillow.  How does he come up with these ideas?

With the publication of Palo Alto, his collection of unusual stories, Franco demonstrated his range.  Each story is an intertwined story of unusual characters.  Many times the reader forgets that the first person narrator is NOT the James Franco we’ve come to admire.

The most perplexing question is how he does it all.  How can be a full-time doctoral student at Yale while maintaining a demanding acting schedule.

He explained that he many times must simply wrap up work on the set and take a red-eye flight from one coast to another.  For example, he hosted the Oscars last March in Hollywood, then flew overnight to New Haven to be on-time for his 9:25 AM class on medieval manuscripts.  His professor was delighted, commenting that “he is a dedicated student.”Even the head of Yale’s English department remarked, “he’s very good at not attracting attention to himself and blending in.”

All this activity takes its toll on sleep of course.  And this may be the key area that Franco differs from most mortals.  He simply skips sleep many times.  He is often quoted as saying, “I don’t even like to sleep.  I feel as if there’s too much to do.”  So, instead of sleeping normal hours, Franco catches up as he can.  He’s been caught napping in class, but not often.  But a more revealing observation is how he deals with keeping up with his active schedule while conserving his energy for the demands of his acting.


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