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Just Published!

My book Mobo Brain: A Guide to Mobile Brainpower has just been published by Birdrock Press.  If you already have a smartphone, like the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or one of many Android phones on the market, then you are well on your way to turning this small device into a second (mobo) brain.  You don’t need much more to get started.

If you are a neophyte, no worries.  Start at the beginning and read about the adventures and travails of some of my friends.  You’ll quickly pick up the gist of using your phone as more than just a piece of equipment to text and take photos.  You can actually use it to enhance your resident noggin (aka your brain). Check out the Technology section for a guide to getting on the Cloud, information on new apps, and more knowledge on related technology.

Along the way, learn how to use your mobile device in different social settings!

If you are a veteran user, then some of this is not new to you.  Breeze through the Getting Started section, then jump into the Tradecraft section .  Here you’ll find more in-depth chapters on syncing up your devices and using them to build personal roadmaps. The Tradecraft section includes fixing brain-tinis, perfecting your snipping and snapping, and getting the most out of your little fellows (aka mobile devices).

Did you mention you’re a student?  Then you’ve picked up the right book.  If your teachers and professors are demanding that you learn the material (how dare they!), you’ll find very quick ways to take and share notes, to study more efficiently and, overall, how to get the best results.  Instead of waiting in line for a boba, you can pull up a couple of snippets and review.  Studying is no longer confined to the library or laundromat.  You can study anywhere.  Just take your device with you and use a spare moment to test your recall.  Check out the Duly Noted section for a quick guide to note-taking.

Learn more about Mobo Brain.

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