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Keying with Greasy Fingers!

There are simply times when my hands (and I sure say, my head) are not in mint condition.  For example, when I’m cooking at my place, what’s a person to do?  I mean, there’s got to be a good way to keep in touch when you can’t exactly touch anything in a clean way.


You are at the grill (or substitute an unlikely and messy place where your phone may come in contact with the elements or with pork fat, in my case).  Yet, you want to response to a text message or send an email.


Use baggy technology to seal out the unwanted element(s).


You can easily slip your phone into a re-sealable baggy to avoid any spills and to allow you to type on the device’s keyboard.

  1. Buy a box of sandwich baggies with the re-sealable tops.
  2. Place the box at the grill.  When you begin your shift, slip the phone into the baggie and reseal it.
  3. Duct tape a rubber band or string to the top corner of the bag.  This tape job just hold if the phone slips out of your grip.  (Test this out to make sure it passes the mustard, as they say in the restaurant business.)
  4. Attach the other end of the string/rubber band to a top button hold of your shirt.
  5. Slip the phone into a pocket.
  6. Alternatively, attach the string/rubber band to a shelf and set the phone away from the action, but close enough to access if you need to.  Make sure there is enough string to allow you to pick it up and enter text.
  7. When you need to type, first grasp the phone at the top of the baggie, near the duct tape.  Get a good grip.
  8. Then with the other hand, fold out the hard keyboard and bring the device to reading distance.
  9. Enter you text.
  10. When you are down, fold up the keyboard and return to its spot.
  11. When the baggie gets too greasy, just replace the baggie (with clean hands of course).

This method works very nicely in most situations.  The problem with inadvertent smears.  When this happens use a paper towel to sop up the excess pork fat.

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