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Life is Not Linear

Moving in small steps, placing one foot in front of the other, to change gradually is old school.  The crux of it is this:

Life is not linear.

Underneath the slick orderly exterior, the world is an elaborate, convoluted staircase.  Space is filled with incongruities.   Straight lines are non-existent:  all of them warp around planets!

Scientists have poked around enough to know that, in our world, things happening quickly, out of the blue, with big jumps to different quantum states.  It’s how things change:  in flashes.  In leaps & bounds.

  • Remember that first kiss!
  • That time you stumbled into the cheerleader’s locker room!  How did that happen?
  • And that A!  You just pulled that one out of the bag.

Quantum leaps!  They happen.  They have happened to you.  Good things.



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