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Mixing Work and Play

I ran into an old boss the other day and he was cordial.   That was surprising, because he was really on my case when I sat, cramped in a cubicle, grinding out the code, watching the clock to see when I could escape for lunch, or sprint out at the end of the day.   I left this job the first opportunity that I could.  But here was my old boss, and it reminded me just how bored and useless I felt in those days.  A nice guy I should add, a bit more jowly, more bald but with the same attitude.  Unfortunately.  But I digress.  I realized that I would approach my time a bit differently today if I was at the same job.  I’d be mixing it up at work.


There are only some many hours in the day and you are stuck trying to meet your monthly nut (that’s venture capitalist jargon for rent, food and necessities).  Work is too mind-numbing.  But play pays so poorly.  Like nothing.


Of course the obvious solution is to invest in a device and learn the mobo skill set.  But more than that, prioritize your hobbies and interests at the same level as your job endeavors.  After all, while a job feeds the pocketbook, a hobby feeds the mind.  Then multitask.


If we are honest with one another, work and play are at the same level in terms of importance in our lives.  The problem is finding the time to do both effectively.  The key then is master the fine art of multi-tasking, that is, juggling both work and play at the same time.

  1. Assume that your work is fairly well organized.  Take a close look at what you enjoy doing.  For example, if you are like me, you love movies of all sorts; you enjoy books especially the recent fiction of Joseph O’Neill; you love to cook, maybe even watch reruns of Top Chef Masters, then why not indulge yourself.
  2. Order your interests as you would anything else, playing the most important near the top of your list.
  3. Now, ask yourself, how much of this list can I do away from home or away from friends.  In most cases, 90% of these playtime activities can be augmented with your device.
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