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Mobo Brain: A guide to mobile brainpower

What is a mobo brain?

Mobo Brain is a guide to turning your phone into a portable brain. One that you fill with notes, ideas, clippings and your own personal maps.  It’s easy to set up and you don’t need to be computer savvy.

Mobo Brain is about how to use your phone in different social settings to inform conversations and keep you on-track.  Your second brain can be used for problem-solving, planning, and keeping organized.  This book is a primer for visual thinking, where maps form a quick guide to everything from personal goals to meetings with your boss.

You don’t need to remember everything to be smart, or to keep on top of breaking stories.

Your phone can do most of the work.

Mobo Brain is a guide to the technology and techniques of this new mobile brainpower.


Whether you are just a beginner with a smartphone or are veteran mobo, Mobo Brain shows you how to get set up and use a second  brain.

Just a novice? No worries. Turn to Getting Started to learn how to set one up.  Then read about the adventures  of some of my friends.  You’ll quickly get the gist of how your new brain can be used. The Technology section will help get on the Cloud, find the right apps and use the new mobile technology.

Are you a seasoned mobo? Then jump straight into the Tradecraft section for in-depth chapters on syncing, mixing up brain-tinis, snipping & snapping, tagging & bagging, and taking notes. Use personal maps and linked notes, to build your in-depth mobile knowledge base.

It’s all inside Mobo Brain.



iPad version ($4.99)

Kindle version ($4.99)

Print version ($19.99 full-color)




Now available

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