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Mobo Foodie

Because the average mobo is constantly on the move–connecting with friends and family over the far reaches of space, constantly fielding messages, linking in, uploading, downloading and everything in between—they are perpetually hungry.  This on-the-go life style creates constantly-shifting cravings.    Mobos eat at all times of the day and evening, with cravings for meals completely out of synch.  For example, having a breakfast at dinner time, or vice versa, asking for a burger at breakfast.  It’s nothing out of the ordinary.   Restaurants are catering this crowd more and more.

It even seems the traditional breakfast-lunch-dinner modality is being blurred.  What is so important about these times:  9 am, 12 noon and 6 pm.  If the foods at each type of meal change, so too do the times.

The mobo approach to meals is a direct reflection of early Zen thought.  When asked how does one practice Zen, Master Po-ching replied[1]:

Eat when you are hungry.  Sleep when you are tired.

Most mobos have the first part of this down.  But unlike other approaches to fast food, mobos look for Elevated Eating Experiences (triple-E).  These meals are not your typical burger or salad.  They look for meals that combine unusual pairings of food, authentic preparation and fresh ingredients.  In short, mobos are foodies.  They love food, but don’t necessary have the time to make it themselves.  They are not concerned with presentation as much as with creativity of the dish and its ingredients.  For example,

  • Street food that serve traditional meals in easy-to-handle packages, such as fermented Tofu wraps, Xuahacan Grasshopper skewers, or Coq Au Vin sliders.
  • Food truck fare where the orders are made fresh, such as Steamed Pork buns, aqua frescas or freshly-made donuts.

To find these delicacies, mobos will use yelp, UrbanSpoon and other apps to see what restaurants are within range and peruse their reviews to find a good match between what they feel like eating and the food nearby.  Just because mobos are usually on the move does not mean that don’t know good food when they see it.  They eschew stacked food (ala Iron Chef) or dishes with squirted patterns.  “Just give us something unique,” is their battlecry.

Also, mobos will order to-go and find someplace outdoors (weather permitting) to enjoy their meal, or with other mobos in the vicinity.

[1] The Spirit of Zen: A Way of Life, Work, and Art in the Far East by Alan W. Watt, 1958, Grove Press.

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