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new breed of mobile

But what exactly are we talking about?  If it’s not a phone per say and it isn’t a laptop, what exactly is it?  And why should you care?

It is a new breed of device that packages many different capabilities into a small package.

Leaving aside the iPads that are become more ubiquitous on the landscape, this new breed of mobile phone usually has the following under its hood:

  • Cell Phone
  • Internet Browser
  • GPS locator
  • Accelerometer
  • Email
  • Text Messaging
  • Music
  • Camera and Video
  • Applications

This means no matter where you are, you have multiple avenues of communications.  For example, you can be talking on the phone, texting a friend or two, chatting in chat mode, emailing, surfing the web and running an application to find out where to take your date that night.  Most phones are capable of doing this simultaneously to one degree or another.  (For example, the Droid cannot surf the web and allow phone conversations to share the same line.)

So what? you ask.

The point is this:  you have a device that when used to its full capabilities can extend your abilities to stay connected, learn on the go, find places, listen to music and to amuse yourself.  The possibilities are endless, and indeed, the new generation of mobos have mastered these and more.

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