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Peripheral Vision While Eating

There’s nothing more satisfying than sitting down to a large bowl of chili piled high with onions, cheddar, jalapeños and cilantro.  Or, if you are of the feminine persuasion, a large Caesar salad with piles of tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers and broiled chicken.  But digging into a meal may also be the perfect opportunity to sharpen your mobo skills — particularly, your peripheral vision.


With so few hours in the day, one can’t just set aside time to practice honing one’s peripheral vision.   By the same token, sitting in a café or restaurant, and concentrating on other tables or people around you can be a fun and informative activity.


Use the opportunity while having a meal, such as lunch, to practice your peripheral vision.  It is best tried when you are eating along.


Try the following when you are at a local restaurant or café.

  1. Sit down at a table in a restaurant or café.
  2. Pick up the menu and begin reading down the list.  Every second or so, move your eyes to the side of the menu and peer around it to pick up a little more information about the restaurant.  Don’t try to focus on it.
  3. Now move your eyes to the other side and to the top, just a little.  You should see more.
  4. Now set the menu down and casually look at the center of the table.  Do you see anything else around you?  If not, take a moment to see if you can see people or dishes go by.  What are they wearing?  What was the dish?
  5. Now, try eating your meal with the same sort of focus.  Keep your eyes on what you are eating, but occasionally veer them to the side to pick up information.

By the end of the meal, try to recall the different people in the café and the different dishes that passes your way.

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