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Pew Survey Finds Mobo Culture On The Rise

Pew Internet’s  survey of approximately 1,917 US mobile found the following.

  • About one-quarter of adults (23%) now live in a household that has a cell phone but no landline phone.  Along with the widespread embrace of mobile technology has come the development of an ‘apps culture.’  …The mobile phone has morphed from a voice device to a multi-channel device to an internet-accessing mini-computer…”
  • Fully 59% of adults are now mobile internet users, meaning they access the internet wirelessly via a laptop or cell phone.  As mobile computing and internet use become the norm, cell phones are increasingly taking on functions once served by desktops and laptops.  And for a significant portion of low income and nonwhite adults, cell phones represent their only means of accessing the internet and engaging in some online activities.  Thus, many adults today expect (and need) their phones to serve a wide range of functions.”
  • “Of the 82% of adults today who are cell phone users, 43% have software applications or “apps” on their phones.  When taken as a portion of the entire U.S. adult population, that equates to 35% who have cell phones with apps.”

Although activities conducted over mobile devices differed, particularly by the sex of the user, the survey found a high percentage of mobos using their devices to access news, banking and other personal activities.


This survey, taken with the recent trends in smartphone usage, supports the continued growth of mobile bohemians.

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