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Phone Lunch

There’s nothing like spending a long lunch with friends at your favorite Italian spot.  But orchestrating this on a busy schedule may not be the easiest.  Plus, not everybody likes Italian.  Go figure.  So instead of trying to organize a physical gathering, mobos will many times just link up by phone.  (And with video calling, it’s almost like being there with another person.)


You want to spend a relaxing lunch with friends, but finding the right spot is illusive.  Some of your friends are on Purge Diets; others have a phobia for any cuisine with a foreign sounding name; while others are simply too far away.  Yet, when you all hang out together, it’s a blast.  What can you do?


Why not a Phone Lunch?  Meet-up by phone, and schmooze.


Half the fun of getting together with friends for lunch is talking with your mouth full.   But you don’t have to be in their face to still enjoy it.  You can still have fun halfway across town.  For that matter, halfway across the country.

  1. Line up a good time with a bunch of friends to have a Phone Lunch.  The rules:  you need a phone and you should be in a relatively quiet environment.
  2. Find out who has conferencing on their device.  Most mobile phones allow you to add a couple of people to a call.
  3. Use Piggyback Conferencing to chain several conference calls together.
  4. Find a good spot and buy your lunch on the way, or just eat it in the restaurant to save time.  Make sure it’s quiet.
  5. Add in video calling if you like.  This is purely optional, but it allows you to see what everyone else is eating.
  6. Link up and start eating.

The basic rules are there are none.  Just have fun.

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