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Phone on the other foot

If you have ever waited in line and found out more about how to pop a boil than you wanted to, you’ve probably been sandwiched between a couple of mobile dunces, yakking on their phones as if they were in their pig sties at home.  Yes, I think mobile dunce is a technical term.  These folks give mobos a bad name.  There is one thing that will immediately tag you as a mobo-wannabee than this kind of behavior.

But what can you do?  And what exactly are the rules of engagement for mobile users when it comes to using their devices among the unwashed.

First, in complete disclosure, I have picked up calls and talked in public places just like these mobile dunces.  But I keep my voice down and try to walk away to a private corner.  But, hey, who am I kidding?  If you get a call from a girlfriend or a flame that you’ve dying to meet, are you going to let the luddites around get in your way?

And that is the dilemma.   How loud is too loud?  How obnoxious is too obnoxious?

The rule of thumb is to put yourself in the position of those around you.  When the phone is on the other foot, what would you do?  In most cases, you would just take it outside, or keep it brief.

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