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Mobile Reboot

For the new year, Reboot Yourself

As the new year creeps into view, most of us realize that it is an opportunity to turn over a new leaf, recharge our efforts to change ourselves at a deeper level, or at least to prevent more backsliding.

February is the month to reboot.  Rebooting is a total remake of yourself from top-to-bottom.  Just as mobile technology has changed how business is conducted globally, so too has it has changed our personal lives far deeper than we may realize.

You may see it happening around you or in the news:  the college dropout turns billionaire practically overnight; the pizza executive turns politician; the conservative turns liberal; the rapper goes mainstream; the criminal turns Christian crusader, the Christian crusader to turns criminal.  And on and on.  People are changing right in front of our eyes.  Not just the small changes, but dramatic swings and reversals.

  • Remember when Al Gore waved off cameras and retreated from the sting of his presidential loss, bearded and stunned, a political has-been.  The next moment he was receiving the Nobel Prize to a standing ovation in Stockholm. Then he was accepting an Academy Award, jiving with Leonardo Dicaprio.
  • Remember Alec Baldwin when he was getting less and less roles.  Then, bingo: he’s in 30Rock and funny!
  • Remember Peter Jackson at close to 280 lbs.  How did he lose over 60 pounds?  He made a movie (King Kong).  His focus was no longer on junk food but on delivering his movie on-time.  He put in 21-hour days and was ensconced in production and post-production work.  Switching from hamburgers to yogurt helped, of course, but he changed his entire focus.
  • Remember Robert Downey Jr. behind bars?  He was plagued by drug addiction, alcoholism and was making all the wrong decisions.  Sometimes you need to hit bottom to completely reboot yourself. Now, Downey has a two successful movie franchises, has a happy marriage and is sober.

But just how do you reboot?  The key is changing the way you change. That is, instead of focusing on the results, focus on what you focus on. If you are trying to lose weight, you will always be focused on food.  So, it becomes a vicious circle.  If you are trying to save money, you are always thinking about how much things cost.  If you are trying to quit smoking, you are trying to ignore the shelves of cigarettes at the store.  The very things you want to avoid or change are always on your mind

Instead take aim at something entirely new.  Don’t know what that is?  Take out your iPad and start brainstorming.  Draw those things that make your life worth living. Sketch out your ultimate dreams.  Reveal those passions that you cannot live without.  Those things that you’ve always wanted to do, but have gotten shelved.

Draw them as a first step!

As the French proverb Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

February is the time to break those habits.

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