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Simultaneous line gabbing

The problem comes when you have multiple phone calls happening while you are standing in line, aka simultaneous line gabbing.  That is, everyone thinks it’s OK to  gab on their phones, as if you are interested in the goings-on.  In this case, you cannot exactly appeal to the desires of the line, since they have given their tacit permission to talk loudly and obnoxiously on their phones.

Obviously, line bonding may be the further thing from your mind.

For mobos, there is an obvious solution here. 


You are in line with multiple, simultaneous phone calls are being made.  You may be the only one with any courtesy.  What do you do?


Use the same technique when the situation is reversed:  ask someone to keep your place as you step over to a quiet spot.


The key on this one is to be very courteous and interrupt your line-mate to ask a favor.

  1. When you find yourself in this situation, ask your line-mate if they can save your place.  For example, “Can you save my place?  My headache is just killing me.”
    1. If your line-mate has any sense, they will immediately consent to the arrangement.
    2. Step away from the line, but still at a distance where you can make eye contact with the line-mate.  Now, once it is quiet, just relax away from the melee.

If you find that the line-mate does not agree, turn to another one.  Ask the same question.  Another approach is to simple say:  “Thanks.  I really appreciate it” and walk to your spot.  Since they are on the phone, they will not have time to clarify.  They will be stuck saving your place.

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