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Stay Hungry

Of the many things that Arnold Schwarzenegger got right before he assumed the governorship, built his cigar hut on the roof, and fathered a child on the side, was starring in a great Bob Rafelson 1976 flick called “Stay Hungry.”  He won a Golden Globe award for his debut (his first speaking role).  Written by Charles Gaines, it is ostensibly about bodybuilding.  The central character Joe Santo gives this advice (“stay hungry”) to his friends.[1]  In the context of the film it means that one should keep one’s hunger alive, never satiate it.  It also means staying physically hungry, which most of the bodybuilders had to do as part of their training.

I flash back at the times I’ve pushed my plate away, stuffed, satiated, and soused.  If I wanted anything more, it was a nap.  But hunger is a great tool to rebuild oneself.  Here, I’m not talking about losing weight and looking like Arnold in his younger days.   It’s a great side effect, don’t get me wrong.


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