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Stylus in hand

Stylus-in-handInstead of using your finger to sketch your maps, try a stylus.  A stylus is simply more precise and is just like using a pen on paper.  The exception is that you can easily change the colors of the pen, its thickness, whether it is a vector or raster stroke, and erase it if you need to.
There are a number on the market, each with a different tip and feel.  The fabric styluses are best for keyboard work or selecting options.  The rubber tips work better for sketching and drawing.  Try to find a stylus that is comfortable and easy to carry with you.  Some of the top styluses are:

  • Wacom Bamboo Solo. This is my personal favorite because of the weight and balance.  It comes the closest to an actual pen.  The tip is slightly large and soft, but it works perfectly.
  • Kensington Virtuoso Touch Screen Stylus and Pen. This pen has its own ink ballpoint pen as well.  It has a great tip that is firm and feels like using a pen.
  • Adonit Jot Pro. This stylus has a small disk on the end, that helps the tip glide across the glass.  It feels good in the hand and is accurate.
  • Targus Slim Stylus. The rubber tip is easy to use for sketching and has a comfortable grip.

Much of the selection criteria of a stylus is how it feels in your hand.  So, drop by your local computer accessories story and try them out on your tablet.

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