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Text Flirting

As the name of this technique implies, the notion is that you can compliment your flame (or even your soon-to-be-flame) by text messaging.  Yes, it’s hard many times for us guys to get up the courage to do this verbally.  It’s not that we are cowards, so much, but that we are by nature gentle beasts, who only really become assertive when we are (1) desperate, (2) in a zero-sum game, usually at our jobs, or (3) when we game.  Then watch out!  But other times, we are just naturally shy.

Text flirting is light-hearted flirting using your  mobile device.  Typically, the flirts are meant to complement the receiver while brightening their day.  It is not meant to be a Tiger Wood down-and-dirty romp.    This is Text Sex and has its own section.  (See Text Sex on page 43).  Keep in mind that your receiver may be in the middle of driving, finals, or with someone else at the time.  So, it must be both eye-catching, while not being to overboard.


You want to let your partner or flame or budding romantic object know that you are thinking of them.  But, at the same time, you don’t want to interrupt their day.


Perform some selected text flirts.


The rule of thumb is to text flirt with only one person at a time.  Otherwise it might be misconstrued to be text fishing, which to a long-time flame could send the unintended message.

  1. Check your flame’s location.  If you have a Google Maps, then you may already have them on Latitude.  Find out where they are if it is posted.  This comes in handy when you are crafting a short message.
  2. Start with something very neutral to say, just to warm up the conversation.  Tell them where you are and what you’re doing.
  3. Next, ask about them: where are they?  What are they doing?  You don’t want to begin a serious flirt when they are driving, for example.  This could put a quick end to your budding romance.
  4. Now, bring your flame to mind. Visiualize them.
  • What do you miss about them, besides the hot sex?  Or, their snide comments at inappropriate times ?  Anything?  Anything come to mind?
  • How has your heartthrob changed your life in a positive way
  • What do you want to tell them, but have not had the guts so far?
  • Picture their smile.  In your own words describe how they make you feel.
  1. Now, encapsulate this feeling a short phrase.  Don’t worry about going over the 128 character official limit of the text message.  Most carriers will glum your messages together.  For example,
  • I can’t seem to get you out of my head this morning.
  • You really brighten my life, you know?
  • OK, I was a mess last night, but hey you’re so sweet to help me find the door.
  1. Check for spelling mistakes before you send it out.  Remember, miskeying a simple word can end your conversation and maybe jinx your relationship.
  2. Now, listen to their response.  Are they in a good place?  Do they respond appropriately?  If not, then just carry on a little small talk.  Otherwise, pick up on what they are saying.
  3. Explore the possibilities with them.  Where can you take this relationship?  Or, if you are just getting started, how serious are they feeling about you.
  4. End on a light note.
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