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Perfect Brain-tini

There’s nothing like fixing your yourself a tall Brain-tini. A Brain-tini is a intense shot of knowledge that you assemble on your mobo brain.  It helps you to learn specific topics in more depth and assemble them on your mobo brain to take with you.  You can mix a Brain-tini specifically for an occasion, for example, an important exam at school, or chatting with your boss or for meetings at work.  Or simply as notes for a future conversation.

A Brain-tini can give you a leg up. Not only are you up-to-date on the topic, but you have notes that you can study and refer to.
Plan to spend a leisurely time learning about your topic, snipping quotes, taking notes and drawing up maps to help you recall the salient points.  Each flavor of Brain-tini is aimed at a different topic.
To blend the perfect Brain-tini, start with the basic equipment, then assemble the facts, maps and links to bring the topic in focus.

Basic requirements

1 tablet such as an iPad, or laptop
1 Cloud Storage account (free)
1 strong connection to a WiFi, undiluted
1 drawing app, installed
1 web snipping add-in for your browser (optional)
1 text processor app for notes
1 stylus for drawing
1 favorite smartphone
dash    Panache

Prep Time

Usually 30 – 60 minutes


To mix your Brain-tini lay out your tablet or laptop in front of you.  Make sure that your WiFi is cranked up and you have good access to your Cloud Storage.  Next, pick the topic of your cocktail.  Phrase it as a question.  Using your browser dive into your topic, gathering facts, recent events, observations, pictures and snippets. Place these into a folder or notebook.  Refine to its essential points.  Draw a map for future reference.  Then organize into talking points.

Learn more about how to mix one in the Tradecraft section of Mobo Brain: A Guide to Mobile Brainpower.


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