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Two-Handed Quickdraw

In cases where speed is important, you’ll find yourself switching into the two-handed posture.  This happens frequently when I am hopelessly lost on foot.  Or, if you are drawn into a subject and haven’t a clue.  So a quick look-up’s of famous director’s flops, or the rare jungle rabbit, are common entries via two hands.

I’m always flabbergasted how effortlessly most mobos can stream through their email, punching out responses, head slightly cocked forward, eyes peering over his glasses, thumbs in a bur of rapid-fire punching.  Apart the basic technique, most people forget the draw. It’s gunfighter’s draw.  Quick, smooth with a bit of flourish. If you are switching back-and-forth between phone and conversation, you’ve got to get the phone in position and start your typing instantaneously.  Any hesitation, you’ve lost the intiative.  Because you’ve got to figure that your table-mate is going to do the same thing.  Use the Two-Handed Quick-Draw.


You are in the middle of a heated argument, and you need to resolve the issue by a quick search of the internet.  And before you opponent.


Use the Quick-Draw Two-Handed typing technique, to position the phone and begin typing immediately.


Practice the following steps until you have the movement neatly choreographed.

  1. Keep your device always in the same place, either in a pocket that’s very handy and simply right in front of you at all times.
  2. On a count of three, reach for your device, fingers extended to scoop the phone in one motion while your thumb glides over the screen to unlock the device.  The motion of picking up the phone and unlocking it should be one graceful movement.
  3. Quickly move the other hand to the side of the device, using the thumb on this hand to release the hard keyboard.  (Most mobos agree that the hard keyboard where it is available is a quicker method for typing.)
  4. Keep the device slightly lower than your normal distance.  Close enough to see the screen, but far enough away that you do not distract others at the table.
  5. With the fewest strokes, select your browser and switch it into search mode.
  6. Rapid-fire enter your keyword string.  The more accurate you can be at this point the better.
  7. Double-check the typing before releasing it.

Once you have your answer, quickly sort through the entries and select the one that offers the best chance of answering the question at hand.  In the heat of discussion, the answers can be read verbatim directly from the screen.

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