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Walking, Texting and Rocking

More often than not, you will find your average mobo plugged in as he or she ambles down the street.  Why?  Because life in general needs to be scored.  Most mobos have a good sense of the type of music that will go with different situations.  Maybe this needs for background music in our lives comes from seeing too many DVDs or movies.  But needless to say, it also complicates texting while walking.  But how exactly do you accomplish this?  There’s a recipe for this.


You are walking down the street, plugged in and listening to a particularly appropriate MP3 track, when a text message comes in.  It beeps and you must figure how just how to respond.


If your text message is particularly important, use the Walking and Texting techniques in rhythm with your current track.


When a text message comes in while you are walking and rocking, use the following steps.

  1. Keep your earplugs in place and raise your phone to just below eye level.  Check the height by first glancing at the screen, then by lifting your line of sight, look in front of you.  You should be able to see everything in front of you.
  2. Switch from your music app to your texting app.  It is best to turn the volume down.
  3. Alternate your focus from the screen to the road and back.
  4. Keep the beat of the music.  Experts may find that they are writing lyrics to the music instead of the actual text response.  This is OK until your sender objects.
  5. Keep walking in rhythm.
  6. When a response comes in, read a few words, then glance to the road.
  7. Switch songs if the tone of the response changes.  It is best to match the MP3 track to the text message at hand, especially if it is going to be a while.

Not only will you be able to keep up with a variety of texting situations, but you will be making progress in reaching your destination.

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