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What is Rebooting?

In the computer industry, there is a term for this reinvention of oneself:  it is called rebooting.  It is derived from the restarting of a computer so that new software can reloaded.

Rebooting has become a personal solution.

A person can reboot to survive the demise of a company, the failure of a relationship, to propel his or her career into uncharted waters, or to change to become more in synch with the times around him.  Moreover, rebooting has become a mechanism to succeed in our ever-changing world by recasting oneself with a completely new and unencumbered persona.

A deliberate change…

Rebooting is reprogramming yourself.   It is

  • a deliberate change in the way you see yourself;
  • a transformation in your values
  • a catalyst to forge new skills
  • a way to effect change in the world.

It is a quantum leap to new self.


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