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Windows Phone 7 Revealed

Windows Phone 7 launched on AT&T with great fanfare, offered on a variety of platforms including Samsung’s Focus, LG Quantum, HTC Surround and Dell’s Venue.  The Windows UI is a pleasure to use, with tiles that slide on the main home screen for easy access to links, friends and apps.   The nice part about having Windows on your phone is that it integrates extremely well with all of Microsoft’s Office applications.  The emphasis seems to be on the social side of these packages, and less on editing.  But this will be enhanced in future releases.

Multitasking of third-party software is sadly missing. So, if you want to listen to Pandora on the phone while reading through you email you are out of luck.

With access to Xbox Live, the handsets become great gaming platforms.  Although only a few of the Xbox titles are available initially, the platform is very responsive.  What is missing is the ability to challenge other gamers from your handset.  Hopefully Microsoft remedies this in future generations of its operating system.

So, initial reaction to Windows Phone 7 is good, but with some missing pieces.

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